About Us

Residential pest control companies and commercial pest control companies in San Antonio can be difficult. It is often a confusing process for home and business owners. There are many companies that claim to be the best pest control solution for your home or business. Therefore, as a locally owned pest control company, we know the pest problems that are unique to San Antonio.

We have developed San Antonio’s premier pest control service option for our customers through experience. In addition, we use the very best products available within the pest control industry.  At Pro Defense Pest Control, we have proven for years that we genuinely care for our customers.


Our highest commitment is to complete customer satisfaction. From general pest control services to rodent control, wildlife removal, mosquito control, bed bug and termite control.

Through offering the very best pest control service available we continue to customize pest control treatments to each home or office. Our highest commitment is to complete customer satisfaction. From general pest control services to rodent control, wildlife removal, mosquito control, bed bug services, termite control, and much more we are dedicated to providing the very best pest control service option to you and your family!

Mission Statement

We will constantly improve our customer’s lives and the community in which we serve by providing the highest level of SERVICE possible through premium TRAINING, 100% INTEGRITY, increased VALUE, constant IMPROVEMENT, high EXPECTATIONS, and genuine CARING for our customer’s needs.


Service is not just the type of industry we are in. We believe that by being a service-focused company, we can not only bring value to our customer’s lives but also help to improve the community in which we live.


Our technicians are expected to know how to answer your questions in such a way you understand their thought process and feel comfortable with their choices of how to treat your home or business most effectively. By providing constant training we are able to increase the value we bring to your home by providing informed and up-to-date solutions.


Believing in being honest in our dealings with our fellow man. Our integrity cannot be bought. We will never offer you an unnecessary or ineffective solution just to make a few extra bucks.


Our service is not limited to using products that are not effective. We use the highest grade products in our industry and therefore are able to offer the best coverage guarantee possible. We include so much more in our service than any other company at a price lower than our competitors.


We know we are not perfect but our goal is to serve you the best we possibly can. We will constantly strive to be better in all aspects of our business from your interactions with our office to your personalized service at your home or office.


To ensure we are offering the very best experience possible, we expect daily improvements of ourselves and our abilities to service your family and your business. We will strive to improve in all aspects of our business every single day.


Our goal is to serve you to the very best of our abilities. We know that if we genuinely care about your family, we will do this instinctively. We hope you always feel safe and comfortable with our technicians. We really do care about every single one of our customers.

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