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Pro Defense Premium Pest Control will treat your pests, mosquitoes, and more—then keep them away for good. If pests come back between treatments so will we, at no additional cost to you.


Protecting your business from the many things that threaten its success can feel like a full-time job. When pests invade, the temptation is there to try to take care of them yourself; not only does this add to your workload, but it can also lead to more problems down the road.

Commercial Pest Control

You work hard to grow your business. Let us help protect everything you’ve worked to build with a custom commercial pest control plan.

Pro Defense Pest Control has had years of experience in providing pest control services for many business types. From multi-family residence to medical offices and warehouses.

The ProDefense Guarantee

If The Pests Return, So Will We… At No Additional Charge

Multi-Family Residence

Multi-family residence pest control services at locations such as apartments and condos can be difficult for some companies to handle. A variety of residence means a variety of pest control issues. Often these pest control issues can be resolved quickly and easily. However, multi-family residences are unique in that each unit relies on the other to help control their pest control issues.

One resident may be highly clean with little to no food source for bugs, while their neighbor is not as clean and provides excellent harborage and food sources for pest issues. Apartment pest control and Condo pest control require the understanding of how to address these issues while maintaining a high level of professionalism and ensuring comfortable living for the residents of a multi-family location.

Pro Defense Pest Control has had years of experience in providing pest control services for apartments as well as condos. We have learned that we all must work together efficiently to ensure all multi-family pest control issues are resolved.

Medical Offices

Your patients expect you to provide a safe and sanitary location for them to visit you. There is nothing less sanitary than bugs and rodents in a medical facility. We have worked with many dentists, doctors, and other healthcare providers to ensure their offices are treated with the same level of care with which they treat their patients. Pest control services in a medical facility require a gentle and educated approach.

We use products specifically designed for medical facilities to provide the pest management result you would want without the fear of chemical exposure to your patients. Call us today to review your medical facility pest control options to ensure you are providing your employees and patients with a safe and sanitary location to work and visit.

Property Management Companies

Property management and HOA management companies in San Antonio provide a highly valuable service to their customers. You remove the stress of finding reliable, high-quality companies to take care of your customers and residents. At Pro Defense Pest Control we strive to care for your customers as much as you do. We have come to learn that communication is the best trait a pest control company can have to provide great results and meet the expectations you would have of any company you work with.

As your pest control service provider, we provide feedback on services as they are initiated and as they are completed to ensure you know what is going on at your properties and the stress of providing constant excelled customer service is removed from your shoulders.


Warehouses bring unique pest control issues. With large bay doors and multiple entry points, they can invite a wide variety of pest control concerns. To provide proper control of issues in warehouse areas we begin by providing thorough inspections and searching for sources that could be inviting most pest control issues. By doing these inspections we are able to provide an excellent and thorough pest control treatment plan to make sure all your pest issues are resolved quickly and with confidence that the pest issue will not travel to your customers as products are delivered.

Contact our office today for a free quote on your commercial property. We will provide an effective commercial pest control plan at a competitive price to ensure you can continue to provide the high level of service you bring to your customers.

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