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Pest Control

Preventative Mice and Rat Control

By March 2, 2022March 11th, 2022No Comments

San Antonio is home to many different species of rodents. Some of them more invasive than others such as mice and rats. It is always important to be proactive when your home is in an area that is close to parks, greenbelts and other habitats of wild animals. Many rodents will call this area home until they decide to find there way to your home. This can be caused by changes in weather or new developments pushing rodents out their habitat.

One option to control rodent populations around your home and prevent them from entering structures is to bait the exterior of your home with rodent bait. These stations allow rodents to consume bait and reduce the overall population around the home and reduce the possibility of rodents entering the home. In order to do this safely it is always important to use bait stations that are tamper resistant for children and animals.

Pro Defense Pest Control cares about safety of our clients and will always use tier 1 tamper-proof bait stations to control rodent populations and protect your family. #rodentcontrol