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Pro Defense Premium Pest Control will treat your pests, mosquitoes, and more—then keep them away for good. If pests come back between treatments so will we, at no additional cost to you.


Your home is supposed to be a place of peace and relaxation. However, there is nothing relaxing about a home that has succumbed to pests. Whether you have an ant invasion that you’re struggling to clean up or a problem with a colony of rats or mice, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional help

Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control service is much more extensive than most people might think. We aren’t just there to spray around the home and cross our fingers that you don’t have bugs. We offer a highly intensive residential pest control service process.

Below, you can see the steps comprising each service when we come to your home. By following each step, we can confidently control any current pest issues as well as future potential pest issues.

Your home is where some of the greatest memories are created. Our goal is to ensure any pest problem is safely eliminated. If the pests return, so will we… at no additional charge!

Our Full Property Residential Pest Control Service offers a much more extensive plan than ANY other pest control company. We designed our residential pest control service to the specific needs of San Antonio and the variety of bugs and other occasional invaders residents of San Antonio deal with.

The best part about our annual ongoing control program is that once the service process is initiated, we can control 95% of pest problems by simply doing our extensive exterior pest control treatment. This means much more convenient for you and your family!

As you can see, the ongoing pest protection plan offers control that inconsistent one-time treatments simply cannot offer. The annual residential pest control service plan is by far the best option to control bugs.

We are able to break the egg cycle by continually placing fresh products and controlling the problem before it actually starts.

The ProDefense Guarantee

If The Pests Return, So Will We… At No Additional Charge

Residential Pest Control Exterior Treatment

The exterior of your home is where some of the greatest memories are created. Our goal is to ensure you can SAFELY step out into your yard without worrying about being attacked by the variety of common bugs in Texas. Our pest control service technician will come to your property prepared to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY residential pest control service available in San Antonio.

Your pest control service technician will be equipped with the highest quality products available to commercial pest control companies. Our pest control service technicians will be MINDFUL of the areas your family will want to enjoy the most and will take extra care to ensure all areas are carefully inspected to ensure the most EFFECTIVE pest control treatment possible.

You may notice that our full property pest control service offers a much higher level of SERVICE than our competitors and covers a much larger area. Our exterior residential pest control service has been created to provide the very BEST for your family. Unlike many of our competitors that boast an awesome initial residential pest control treatment, we will do the following services that will be performed outside your home at EVERY quarterly service.

Full Lawn Granulation

Your pest control service technician will granulate your ENTIRE LAWN using a high-quality granule designed to last an extended period of time to provide long-lasting control of such bugs as fire ants, spiders, scorpions, roaches, fleas, earwigs, etc. These granules will work their way into the soil to provide even more protection by getting into the areas in which these bugs burrow and nest.

You will notice that these granules are tiny, like grains of sand; they are designed this way to ensure they easily blend into your yard. Your pest control service technician will apply them over the lawn using a handheld spreader. You will notice a long-lasting impact on pest activity due to the effectiveness of these granules. Your pest control service technician may use extra granules if he/she determines it is necessary at no extra cost to you.

Foundation Power Spray

Your pest control service technician will treat the foundation of your home by power spraying 4 feet up and 4 feet out around the entire perimeter of the home. Your pest control service technician will focus on areas that can act as great harborage areas for bugs. These areas may include mulch, loose dirt, rock features, and much more. If any of these areas need to be addressed by physically altering them to provide better coverage, your pest control service technician will let you know during your regular scheduled pest control service.

The foundation treatment portion of your regular pest control service creates a strong barrier between your home and invading pests such as scorpions, ants, roaches, earwigs, pillbugs, etc. Your pest control service technician may find it necessary to treat additional areas such as around trees and provide more coverage and protection against common invaders along the driveway.

Weep Hole Dusting

Your pest control service technician will treat inside the weep holes of your home every 6 months. This service frequency is since the dust we use to treat the weep holes has a 9 month residual and needs treating less frequently. Your pest control service technician will use a bulb duster to get into the weep holes and shoot dust into the wall voids, thereby stopping such bugs as spiders, ants, scorpions, wasps, earwigs, etc. from being able to enter, or nest, inside the walls of your home.

This dust is highly effective and will provide an excellent barrier around your home, ensuring that no bugs will be able to enter your home.

Eave Sweeping

Your pest control service technician will sweep any spider webs and wasp nests down from the eaves, window sills, and doorways of your home. These will be removed at EVERY quarterly service. Your pest control service technician will use a 20-foot telescoping pole with a brush at the end to sweep down any spider webs or wasps nests within reach. We will work hard to get every wasp nest and spider web possible. Your pest control service technician’s telescoping pole extends to reach most second-story eaves.

However, we cannot reach all wasp nests or spider webs at some homes due to the spider web or wasp nests’ height or simply awkward location. We apologize for any wasp nests or spider webs that may be out of reach. At no additional charge to you and at your request, your pest control service technician will be happy to take down any webbing inside the garage at your request. We have had many requests in the past to sweep down cobwebs that may be located inside the home; unfortunately, we want to be respectful and keep your home clean. Due to various weather conditions, our brushes get too dirty to remove webbing on the home’s interior.

Plumbing Void Injection

Your pest control service technician will then treat the plumbing voids under and behind your sinks. Due to the high level of moisture, this area is a major harborage area for many bugs. Your interior residential pest control service includes the treatment of this area by using an aerosol deployed product. The plumbing goes from your sink and into your wall; there is usually enough area to get our product back into the wall void to treat such bugs as spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, etc.

Entry Point Focus

Your pest control service technician will focus on areas that may be easy for bugs to find access to your home. These areas may include window sills and doorways. To provide the highest level of control possible, the pest control service technician may point to areas that need physical alterations to provide the best protection.

To help ensure bugs such as pill bugs, scorpions, earwigs, spiders, ants, etc., are not entering the home through the entry points, your pest control service technician will use a fast-drying wet spray to provide a fast-acting barrier against pests. Your pest control service technician may also use this type of product to treat problem areas, like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Attic Inspection

Your pest control service technician will then ask you if any other pests have been seen. Depending on your answer to this question, your pest control service technician may ask for entry into your attic. This extra service inspection and possible treatment are not extra fees and are included in your residential pest control service. Your pest control service technician will be looking for signs of activity from several pests.

Many pest control problems in the home can result from nesting in the attic and will be best treated by applying pest management products in the attic area. Any signs identified will be discussed with you, and your pest control service technician will treat them efficiently according to the results of his inspection.

Garage Treatment

Your pest control service technician will place glue boards at the access points of your garage. There is usually enough space for many pests to squeeze through on both sides of your garage door. Your pest control service technician will place the glue boards in those access points to help keep pests from sneaking in and help us monitor which pests are still active on your property to know how to treat your home most effectively.

Residential Pest Control Interior Treatment

The interior of your home should always feel safe and secure. That is why we developed a residential pest control service that offers complete protection without being invasive. Our pest control service technicians will come to your home wearing our embroidered shirts and driving vehicles with our company logo on them so you know you are allowing a trusted individual into your home. The Pro Defense Residential Pest Control Treatment offers a full range of services to protect the interior of your home from unwanted pests.

The following interior pest control services will be performed inside of your home on the Initial Service. Because our full property residential pest control service is so thorough, after the first service, you may only need exterior pest control services to keep all pests away. However, the interior pest control service never costs extra and is included any time you request it.

Baseboard Treatment

Your pest control service technician will begin by treating all the baseboards of your home. This service is performed due to the high number of bugs inside the wall that will try to enter the home by going underneath the baseboards to find access to the house. Our pest control technician will treat with a non-staining, highly effective product which will stop bugs like scorpions, ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches, etc. before they are able to emerge from inside the walls.

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