Rodent Control

Rodent control is a must in Texas. Additionally, central Texas has one of the largest populations of mice and rats in the country! Removing rodents can take time. At Pro Defense, we offer complete rodent inspections and thorough treatment options. Our treatments ensure complete property control as well as rodent service guarantees. You want them gone quickly and we will make sure any rodent infestation is under control quick and easy.

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Our treatments ensure complete property control as well as rodent service guarantees.

Rodent Specialists

In order to get rid of rodents quickly, our pest control service technicians receive the very highest level of training in order to provide you with the most effective services possible. Through ongoing, thorough training our rodent specialists can handle any rodent infestation quickly and efficiently.

Thorough Inspection Process

Rodents can be elusive and difficult to find. Our Certified Rodent Control Specialists experience extensive training to quickly locate the sources of the issue. Through a proper inspection process, our Rodent Control Specialists will be able to quickly and efficiently control the issue.

Tamper-proof Products

Offering the best services includes using the best products. Neither animals nor children are exposed to our tamper-proof products. Therefore, only the pest will be exposed to the products.

Pet and Child Friendly

Our top priority is your safety and the safety of your pets and kids. The safety of your family is always the top priority. By using the best products and through intense education, our Rodent Control Specialists know how to best protect your family.

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