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Where To Look For Bed Bugs

By February 8, 2022March 11th, 2022No Comments

Bed Bugs can be difficult to find for anyone, especially if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Many people may simply look for live bed bugs. However, this technique can lead to a false sense of security. Bed Bugs tend to find tight dark seams to hide which may be difficult to find if you are simply looking for live Bed Bugs. Some of the top things to look for are more focused on the signs of Bed Bugs. These signs primarily consist of bites, droppings, castes, and even looking for eggs. The eggs can be difficult to find as they may appear clear and are very small. The castes can be a better identifier that Bed Bugs are present and growing, which means the Bed Bug population is likely growing as well. Droppings tend to be the leading identifier because they tend to be in clusters where in the areas the Bed Bugs are colonizing but can also be in a variety of areas giving you a higher chance of finding this clue to their existence. The following list is the top areas where you can look if you are having concerns that you may have Bed Bugs:

  1. Sheets, Pillows and Blankets for live Bed Bugs and Droppings
  2. Headboard, Bed Frame, Mattress and Box Springs for Live Bed Bugs, Droppings, Castes and Eggs
  3. Underneath Mattress and Pillows for live Bed Bugs and Droppings.
  4. Inspect the seams of Mattress and Box Springs for Live Bed Bugs, Droppings, Castes and Eggs
  5. Inspect under the Bed Frame for Live Bed Bugs, Droppings, Castes and Eggs
  6. Inspect the floor around Bed and Chairs. Edges of the Carpet are the primary areas which Bed Bugs will be hiding.
  7. Look inside and underneath dressers, primarily bed side dressers and tables for Live Bed Bugs, Droppings, Castes and Eggs
  8. Inspect items on Bedside Dressers. It is important to remember that Bed Bugs like small tight areas where Bed Bugs can easily hide and which may be difficult to see if you’re not looking. Inspect these items thoroughly focusing on cracks and crevices.

When looking for Bed Bugs, it is important to remember that YOU are their food source. They are going to live in areas which are easily accessible to you. Identify the areas which you spend the most time and it is highly likely that any Bed Bug infestations will be in those areas.

Even after you have done a thorough inspection it can bring great peace of mind to have a professional come perform a thorough Bed Bug inspection of your home. Feel free to call our office to schedule a free inspection. 210-233-9462. #bebbugs